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fternoon in Brumadinho Municipality and c▓aused a mudslide, which destroyed Vale's offices and ▓a residential area.Some 100 firefighters and civil rescuers are working at the site. Another 200 are expected to reach the Brumadinho region in the early hours of Saturday.At a press conference on Friday evening, Vale CEO Fabio Schvartsman said that the number of victims from the dam collapse was "terrible." He said he was "shaken" by the incident and committed to t▓ak

ing all necessary measures to find out what happened.According to him, the dam was inactive and all reports attested that it was safe."It is important that we state that this is an inactiv▓e dam. It was not operational for over three years and was in the process of being decommissioned," he said.A second da▓m overflowed but did not burst, Vale said.A couple of hours after the collapse, the mud wave reached the nearby areas of Paraopeba River, which runs through the town center of Brumadinho.The town center of Brumadinho has been evacuated by local▓ authorities, since the river often overflows when it rains heavily.State authorities decided to suspend the collection of water from the Paraopeba River▓ as a precaution, though Vale said there is a minimum chance of contamination.Brazil's Natio